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DAY 324

"Learn to fly"

Messing with some photos taken from Catskills New York

DAY 297
"Edward Sharpe Poster"
Happy Monday Tumblrers . Here is a poster I completed for an online class with DKNG. You can see my process / struggle / thoughts here.
day 196
"BIG tree" revisited
DAY 92
"Mr. discontent tiki man" pen, software
DAY 52
"stop & smell" pen, moleskine 
This week has been an incredibly busy week. The phrase ‘stop & smell the roses’ always catches my attention whenever I hear or read it. Its something that I rarely do.  I read a passage that mentioned it, recently, and came up with this doodle. Sometimes I prefer to be busier than ever. Sometimes I’d like to just stick my whole face in the rose.