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DAY 285
"Happy man with a hat"
DAY 275
"Pink Man"
This photo is exciting in two ways
1) Finally got a chance to screen print this little dude. You might be asking yourself.. “nate, whats up with these cwazy colors?” Well I wanted to experiment with a split foundation. So whats going on here is there are actually two seperations both with two colors that gradate eachother. The pants and inner suite are gradated from pink to orange where as the suite and head gradate from orange to pink. And plus, whats not to love about a dude in a pink suite?

2) Finally got a chance to play around with my new flash! whoooo this is going to make my life so much easier. happy Monday!
DAY 270
Its true, my friends, I have been slacking - on posting that is. I have shamefully been deterred by other responsibilities nagging at my time. More to come soon!
DAY 267
"Fancy Lady"
Going to a wedding on the day the world ends. Its going to be fancier than this here fancy lady. Congrats Tim & Anna!
DAY 237
"Clown Sitting on a Clowd" pt 1.
DAY 215
DAY 211
"Damn Dog" 
DAY 200
"Bald man with an idea"
200 YAY! only 165 more to go - crap. =P
DAY 182
"Deep Sea Diver & his Child" 
DAY 160
DAY 159
"Night Watchman" pen, digital
DAY 136
"sinking boat" pen
Inspired by last sunday. Had a nice dip in my murky town lake trying to go over a beaver dam. No interpretation here. =P
Got alot of great feedback on my design portfolio last night at Feedback 14. It was an incredibly fast paced and invigorating night. Then, to top it all of, Kait and I went to see Feist at the academy which was absolutely beautiful. Everything about the night was spectacular! I would have purchased the gig poster if it wasn’t pink =0 .
DFAY 130
"Tattoo Sketch for friend" ink
day 127
"Elephant" pencil